If you’re not using an aftershave lotion, then you’re missing out on a crucial part of shaving. Sure, you required a quality razor, the best in class shave cream and scented shave soap, a smooth shaving brush, and the desire to use all of these items to produce the softest and quite comfortable shave possible. But aftershave is like the medicine for your skin. It helps take care of problems like razor cuts, ingrown hairs, burns, and you can find one which is suitable for every skin type.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Pura Balsamo Dopobarba Balm

This looks and smells lovely; the only issue with this is it has no pump dispenser, making it quite hard to get it out of the bottle. Balsamo Dopobarba sounded much more unique than any common after-shave balm. It can soothe any feeling of itchy burn, which is often experienced after a wet shave. The definite scent of citrus fruits stays with you for most of the day.

Terre d'Hermes

If you have sensitive skin, prone to irregular bouts of eczema, Terre d'Hermes proves profoundly soothing to your skin. After applied, it quickly gets absorbed, leaving an oil-free softness, that bodes well for vanquishing your skin issues. It has a lovely and indeed, the award-winning light perfume of grapefruit and orange with a woody base note of vetiver and cedar. Also, the bottle looks quite right in the bathroom: square and solid with a sharp masculine feel.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only After Shave LotionGivenchy Gentlemen Only After Shave Lotion

Givenchy broke with the traditional men's fragrance codes by blending lavender scents with cologne to create Givenchy Gentleman. It is a potent perfume centred on an aromatic woody note. The fragrance denotes the style and passion of the gentleman of the 21st century. He is truly a modern gentleman with an effortless sense of style and enigmatic charm.

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