Celebrity perfumes are a dime a dozen nowadays! These perfumes have a bit of a reputation for being a quick way to make some extra cash for our beloved celebrities, but there are also quite a few that have achieved best-seller status for a good reason. Online 4 Perfume has rounded up our pick of the top celebrity perfumes of all-time, so now all you have to do is head to their rates and enjoying their aromas!

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor
Fragrance notes of lily amber, oakmoss, rose, and sandalwood are masterfully blended in the White Diamonds perfume. It reflects Elizabeth Taylor's forever charming, sensual and glamorous style.

Glow by JLo
Glow by Jennifer Lopez is one of the most popular celebrity scents on the market today. Its beautiful floral notes combine with amber and vanilla to create a fresh, sexy and clean scent. It is truly the aroma of excitement, the rhythm of attraction.

Fame by Lady Gaga
You wouldn't expect this by looking at the bottle, but Fame by Lady Gaga is a surprisingly sweet and floral fragrance with a blend of belladonna, orchid, saffron, incense, honey and apricot.

Our Moment by One Direction
This Eau de perfume is perfect for a little princess. It has floral and fruity notes of pink grapefruit, forest fruits, red currant, freesia, jasmine, frangipani, patchouli and musk.

Beyonce Heat Kissed Eau De Parfum Spray
When a moment of deep attraction becomes undeniable, it ignites a kindling spark between two people that draws them closer. The Heat Kissed by Beyonce is one such experience! Its rich composition begins with exotic fruity notes of mango, litchi, and pitahaya. Its rich heart carries Sambac jasmine, Red Fury orchid, and Moroccan rose oil. Exotic woody notes of African sandalwood and patchouli are blended with vanilla infusion to create a warm and inviting base.

Unforgivable by Sean John
A sexy combination of herbal and warm notes are the inherent essence of Unforgivable cologne by Sean John. Bergamot, juniper, basil, champagne, tonka bean, birch leaves, sage, iris, cashmere, sea moss, sandalwood, and grapefruit are present here. These all provide Unforgivable its power, attitude and elegance.>
Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely
Sarah Jessica Parker's perfume called 'Lovely' is truly graceful with soft citruses that intersect with rosewood and just the slightest hint of lavender. 'Lovely' is undeniably sexy and remarkably classy, an aromatic gift of elegance and style.

Carmen Electra by Carmen Electra
Take an elegant walk on the wild side with Carmen Electra's first fragrance. It's a sexy and playful fragrance that opens with a cocktail of peach nectar, wild blackberry and juicy mandarin, before falling onto a bed of gardenia petals, caramel, night blooming jasmine, and tiger orchid.

Celine Dion by Celine Dion
Pop star Celine Dion's beautiful voice is as pure as the day is long. And so it goes with Celine Dion perfume, which was inspired by Celine Dion's passion for love and family. There's no diva to this fragrance, which makes it refreshing, clean scent with a slightly woody undertone. It is subtle but fabulous, just like the pop star herself.

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