Lovely pair of sandals, great fitting jeans or that great dress issome of the few things a woman might purchase to feel good about herself. But there is an accessory in which men and women invested to feel sexy, attractive and desired: perfume and cologne.

                  With many classic fragrances ranging from floral to the Oriental notes, a woman can define her persona by the perfume she wears. A fragrance can evoke sensuality, femininity, exoticism or all of the above. Perfume is a blend of fragrant oils or smells mixes, fixatives and solvents which are used to offer a lovely scent. The premium quality fragrances appeal in the hearts and minds of women worldwide and bring little moments of happiness to cherish. The routine use of immaculate scent in the western societies is at heartbeat focuses. In this article, we will sum up five top high-end brands of best-selling perfumes.

Calvin Klein

The Calvin Klein perfumes compliment the confident woman; especially the one who dares to wear it during the day. It is a soft variant of the classic perfumes released by the brand and has top notes of the raspberry, hyacinth, peach, and gardenia. The heart of it is of carnation, rose, jasmine and lily that offer the perfect blend of floral aromas for women perfumes. Calvin Klein has transformed the fragrance world with his range perfumes and the colognes. He has changed the notion of perfumes with premier quality and unique scent that complements the femininity of women across the globe.

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Jimmy Choo

For a night out, a stunning black dress, a sparkling jewellery set, and a pair of lovely shoes might do the trick. But if the aim is to demand attention, then spray a delightful aroma across the neck. Jimmy Choo perfumes for women allow you to choose an intense and irresistible perfume to ensure the love at first sight or first whiff. For the bold and sophisticated woman, the collection of Jimmy Choo classic perfumes is a great option. The Jimmy Choo is simply a master at creating exciting scents that women adore. It’s all about the variety of intoxicating fragrances with combinations such as Tiger Orchids, candied oranges, and sandalwood. There also are few soft powdery scents combined with the Bergamot. And one of the more exotic, but refined perfumes includes mixtures of pear, tiger orchid, cyphers, and toffee caramel.

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The brand has become so popular that they have ventured into the world of perfumes, and have had reverberating success in this area. After all, nothing speaks luxury and sumptuousness quite like Versace’s signature Medusa seal. When you see a beautiful perfume box with this insignia, you know you’re about to have a scent-sual experience. The brand that spells pride, style and vanity, Versace, has delivered the aromas of its perfumes to a whole new level. Blonde Versace, Bright Crystal Versace, and Crystal Noir Versace are some of their most popular and awesome products that are preferred by many women across the globe.

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Prada Perfumes are by far some of the most fabulous perfumes out there Not only do Prada perfumes smell astounding, but possessing the brand alone means something! When you smell Prada, not only do you feel the happiness, but the notes last forever! Their fragrances update the grand craft of perfumery by using an innovative scent blending approach. Its appeal likens that of classic femininity coupled with the modern sensibility. Its blend comes from hypnotic notes and lingers with charm and happiness.

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Dolce & Gabbana

The Dolce & Gabbana's classic perfume range is inspired by the past and embodies the future aiming to intertwine memory, reality, and possibility. Dolce & Gabbana fragrances are sexy and sultry, for the woman who commands attention everywhere she goes. It’s not a heavy and obnoxious fragrance, rather, one that is light and refreshing but memorable. The notes include a great blend of bergamot, mandarin, lychee, lily of the valley, and tuberose.

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