Perfume making is an art, at the same time, selecting the right perfume with enchanting and pleasing notes is not less than an art too. Many people are unaware of the different perfume notes and their harmonious effect as a whole in a perfume fragrance. Whether you are looking for a fruity fragrance perfume like DKNY Energising EDP Spray or a scent tobacco and spices like Bvlgari Man Black cologne like To help you find the best-suited perfume, we have come up with few top secrets.

1. Don't base your opinion on the description of perfumes.

Perfume can contain hundreds of components, so don't let a couple of notes affect your decision. You may know that there's a distinct smell you're not fond of — for instance, some are not the fans of tuberose — but it doesn't suggest you won't love a fragrance that contains tuberose, and you might not even detect it in the final product at all.

2. Fragrances don't smell differently on varying skin types.
What can change how the perfume smells from person to person is the other products they already have on their skin, such as lingering moisturiser or body wash. Before heading out to test new perfumes, go through your daily beauty regime, so you'll have a better sense of how the perfume will smell on your skin on daily.

3. Wrists aren't always the best spot to try fragrances.
Metal jewellery can often alter how the fragrance smells. Instead, spray it on the top of your arms, roll down the sleeves, and wear the perfume for the rest of the day. This will allow the aroma to come to you throughout the day.

4. Let it dry first.

While using blotting papers, wait until the perfume is completely dry before smelling it. Allow the fragrance to give time for all of the notes to develop. Better yet, put the blotter in your purse and come back to it after some time. Later on, when you open your wallet, the lovely fragrance should envelop you.

5. Your senses can become overwhelmed.

To clear your nose between testing two different fragrances, smell your skin or shirt. This should offset some of the deep notes you felt before, and give your senses some time to adjust to your next fragrance test.

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