Perfume has the magical potential to transport the spirit and refreshes the senses. The right fragrance helps you feel like the best version of yourself and can offer comfort during times of stress. Keeping a small bottle in your bag or desk drawer is like having emergency aromatherapy anywhere, anytime. Not all perfume formulas or perfume notes are suited for the boardroom, however. Here are 4 tips for selecting perfumes for work.

1. Skip perfume oil and solid perfume
Perfume oils have the potential to smell quite beautiful and sophisticated, but they may need constant reapplication. Nobody has time for that. Perfume oils also pose the same issue as solid, wax-based fragrances. Any waxy or oily formula may leave dirty and unpleasant stains on your hard-earned work wardrobe.

2. Opt for EDP, EDT, or EAC
With the concentrations of 15-20%, 10%, and 5%, respectively, these formulations are less concentrated than the actual perfume, which tends to be richer-bodied. EDP is a favourite among perfume lovers due to its cost-efficiency and the beautiful way it grows over the course of the day. The EDT and EDC are often lighter and more fleeting and may need occasional reapplication. Still, they’re perfect if a sheer layer of the fragrance is just what you’re looking for.

3. Save sensual scents for special occasions

Reserve your Bvlgari for date night. Any heady, musk-laden scent seemingly isn’t suitable for the workplace. Instead, opt for fragrances with unobtrusive notes, like green tea, citrus, apple, cucumber, white florals, mint, cinnamon, or wood.

4. Be mindful of your spray
If we get used to our fragrance over the time, we may develop a tendency to overspray. We should avoid over spraying at all costs—especially at the workplace since too much fragrance can be annoying and invading others’ personal space. A touch at the base of the throat or behind the ears is more than enough. allows you to explore the world of a diverse range of perfumes which are available at extremely discounted rates. For corporates, we recommend, 'Bvlgari Man'. It is a white coloured woody oriental fragrance with an elegant and sophisticated vision of masculinity. The Bvlgari Man stands for its premium aroma and claims to transform you into an authentic man, who is profoundly charismatic and radiant. Wearing Bvlgari Man is an original signature of great modernity.