Guide for Perfume

People wear perfumes for different reasons. Everybody wants to smell good and also want the smell to be long lasting. You should know that not all perfume application practices can achieve this goal. Wearing perfumes can result in one becoming more desirable, improving the first impression and sometimes boosting ones confidence. You should buy Chloe Eau de Parfum as it is one of the best-selling perfumes in the market. But when you select the wrong perfume or even apply it the wrong way, things might turn to be opposite of what you expect. The following is a guide on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to perfumes -

The Do’s

You should choose your scent very carefully

Perfumes are like wines, everyone has a specific taste. When it comes to selecting one, you should choose one that best suits your style, personality and even occasion. A good example is the Boss Hugo Boss Bottled Tonic which is not too intense, ideal for work and it is suitable for everyday wear. 

Use the right technique

Perfumes are sprayed, dabbed, and if they are solid you rub them on the skin. After you have applied perfume, you should avoid rubbing your wrists together since it can destroy the scent. You should try Jean Paul Gaultier Madame for its delicate scent. It is also a great gifting option.

Where to apply

A lot of people end up spraying the scent on their clothes which is the worst thing you could do with your high end perfume. They are meant to be sprayed on pulse points which include elbows, wrist, and cleavage and behind your knees.

The Don’ts

Don’t apply too much

You should not apply much of it for it can turn to be irritating to those around you. A lot of people end up having headaches or at worst feel nauseated, you don’t want that, do you?

It is better to keep re-applying when needed throughout the day.

Don’t spray your perfume on your clothes/ jewellery

You should always wear them on your skin and NOT on clothes or jewellery. This is because some of the perfumes will stain your fabric or spoil the polish on your jewellery permanently.

 Don’t rush in settling for your scent

When you are sampling different perfumes, you should wait until it has dried on your skin then smell it. The top note is the first scent which disappears a few minutes after applying. The heart note or the base note is the one that lasts longer.