You can’t think of always appearing fresh with a good smell while being at a party, a wedding or even a formal office meeting. Neither can you splash that fancy brand of your perfume all over to make it last all day long? So, is there an ideal way when it comes to applying the perfume? Yes, there are few pulse points on our body where the heart rate and warmth of our blood can be felt. In this blog, we will learn the best spots or pulse points where one should apply perfume to make it last longer.


Inner elbows
Inner elbows are one of the most effective pulse points to apply scent. It is believed that there is no use of putting the perfume in the joining areas. As these parts are more likely to sweat and the aroma will not work on them! However, the truth is that the fragrance makes that odour coming from sweat less efficient.


Inner wrist area
Pulse points emit a specific amount of heat which helps in making the aroma of the perfume spread in the air. And wrists are one among such pulse points that can make the scent keep revolving around you. No matter whether you extend your hand to greet someone or just to pick a glass of water, you will smell as fresh as before!


Two primary reasons support the fact that you should spray the fragrance on your strands. One is that that the hair fibres hold the scent for long; it doesn’t get worn off so quickly. Secondly, whenever someone meets and greets you, they are likely to come close to your hair while hugging or kissing. Hence, your scent will directly reach them through this path. You would certainly want her to smell your Jean Paul Gaultier Le male essence de parfum and get impressed.

Around the calves
It is evident that heat allows the scent to spread further. This is why calves also turn out to be quite effective pulse points to spray fragrance that lasts long. Mainly because as you walk, there is small friction between the legs producing some warmth allowing the scent flow around you.


Behind the knees
The back of the knees is very soft and smooth to touch. Especially in the summers, this area does wonder when sprayed with scent if you are wearing a short dress or any other knee-length clothing.

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