Fragrance shopping can be tricky. The scent is so personal that even if you get a gleaming recommendation from someone matters the most. And if you want to avoid mainstream fragrances for niche ones, if you're not in a metro city it can be challenging to find a place where you can test the scent first.

Use blotters.
Spray on the blotters at a distance of about 15-20 cm. Only one spritz is required. Always wait a few seconds — ideally around 30 seconds before smelling the blotter. This way, the perfume's alcohol has time to evaporate.

Keep a good distance.
Avoid putting the blotter too close to your nose. Otherwise, you have some molecules that deposit on your nose. Not only could this be irritating for the rest of your day, but it will also affect how you smell the other fragrances you're trying. Waving the blotter it in front of your nose is much better.

Be patient.
Never forget that when you first spray it, it's not representative of how it's going to smell on you all day long. This is because you're only feeling the top notes, and perfumes have three levels. They are the top notes, heart notes, and base notes. So don't stop to keep the blotter and smell it again. With strong perfumes like Bvlgari man black cologne, patience is must understand every note of this beautiful perfume.

Use coffee beans.
Coffee beans have the unique property of absorbing and neutralising the smell molecules that remain in the nose after smelling a lot of fragrances. It is also recommended drinking plain tap water between two sniffs, as it helps to cleanse your palette.

Stay open-minded.
Just because you haven't liked a specific note in one fragrance doesn't mean you'll hate it in all perfumes. So many people tell me ‘I don't like jasmine — it's too strong. But you can like a fragrance even if there's a hint of something that you don't like when it's pure. The balance is very fragile in each fragrance, so don't discount specific notes!

Perfumes reflect your personality to a considerable extent. There comes a stage when you recognise a person with his/her perfume.
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