Jimmy Choo is a champion at designing great scents that women adore. It brings out their inner enchantress and mixes her persona with excitement. Women who adore Jimmy Choo prefer to wear it both day and night, but particularly at night when they desire to captivate the attention of someone special. Here are the top 5 best Jimmy Choo perfumes for you to enjoy.

1. Jimmy Choo Shimmering Perfumed Body Powder
When you use this body powder, your skin will take on a great effect, and you will smell as pleasant as anyone else who prefers to wear Jimmy Choo fragrances and take a trip to the nearest orchard inside your mind. This is the classic addition to any night out on the town or when you wish to stand out.

2. Limited Edition Black Perfume
This limited edition black perfume bottle holds around 1.3 ounces of your favourite Jimmy Choo fragrance. It is sensual and unbelievably compelling. It is just a remake of the old-time popular one so that you can get a more powerful scent. It blends even more of the Candied orange which ladies love, especially when mixed with the Tiger Orchid and sandalwood.

3. Jimmy Choo Glittering Perfumed Body Oil
If fun is what you yearn to find, you want to look no further than this perfumed body oil. It has all the excitement and confidence that comes along with any premium Jimmy Choo original perfume. This oil also adds a little more added touch of shimmer to your body. This will assure that under the bright lights of your favourite dance club, you are the only one who will make the heads turn.

4. Jimmy Choo Flash London Club Eau De Parfum Spray
You will know in a Flash whether you love this aroma as much as other ladies. It is designed with the modern woman in mind for her nights out on the town. It has a soft powdery smell blended with bergamot, and then you throw in a little musk.

5. Jimmy Choo Women Eau De Parfum
If you always want to ensure that you feel beautiful by wearing a lovely scent, Jimmy Choo’s original EDP is the best option you have. You can enjoy having the rich woody scent mixed with flowers anytime at all. This the scent of confidence, fun and beauty.

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