Hugo Boss is a fashion house that has been in existence in the world of fashion ever since 1924. It is located in Metzingen, Germany where it started as a clothing manufacturing company. Later on, in 1993, the company started the fragrance line which has become a big brand well known for its affordable prices. It is also the leading producer of fragrances around the globe. They operate in 110 counties all over the world and over 6,102 shops. The following are some of the best Hugo Boss Perfumes.

Hugo Boss No.6 

This is the best and popular fragrance that is unique, of affordable price and appealing. It is made from a combined balance of apple with citrus as the top notes. It is available in both 50 and 100 ml

 Hugo Boss Red

This is a 24 hours fragrance that is also used by many. It is made of a combination of grapefruits, galbanum, cedar, pineapple, and pink pepper. The product also has a deep tonka bean and amber base notes that balance the whole combination.

Boss Bottled Night Perfume

This product was launched in 2010 to target the youths. It is made of a combination of lavender with birch tree and the aromas of African violet. It is packaged in midnight blue colors that represent its freshness.

Hugo Energise Perfume

This perfume was launched in the market by Hugo boss Ferdinand in 2005. It has a woody aroma for men. It is a combination of the pink pepper, mint, mandarin orange, kumquat, lemon and pineapple as top notes among other notes.

Dark Blue for Men

It was designed by Alain Astori together with Piquet having an Oriental Spicy taste for men. It was introduced to the market in 1999. It comprises of ginger, lemon, orange, and lime as top notes. You can Buy Hugo Boss Fragrance online at affordable prices