In the vast world of perfumes, Nina Ricci perfumes are at the top position. Nina Ricci brand of fragrances is very much famous among the women. Nina Ricci is French fashion house founded by Maria Nina Ricci and her son Robert Ricci in the year 1932. They were first into the fashion world, but in the year of 1946, the fashion house launched Coeur Joie, its first successful brand of perfume. The fragrance becomes quite famous, and then there is no looking back for this popular fashion house. The Nina Ricci perfumes represent a classy and fun loving girl who is aware of her impact on men and as well as in the society. Previously Nina Ricci perfume was exclusively for women but in the year of 1998 launched the first Nina Ricci perfume for men. There are more than 55 perfumes which were made in collaboration with some famous designers like Betty Busse, Jean Guichard, Jacques Huclier, Christine Nagel, Carlos Benaim and much more. Here are some of the Popular Nina Ricci Perfumes for women:

L’Eau Du Temps
Beginning with the top charted among all the other perfume of Nina Ricci fashion house, the L’Eau Du Temps from Nina Ricci Perfumes was launched in 2007. The exquisite aroma of the perfume consists fragrance of the fresh flowers such as gardenia, jasmine, black currant, rose, musk and sandalwood. The impact of its aroma is such that all the women go crazy about. Till date, it is the best selling perfume of this brand.

Nina Ricci Le Paradis De
The perfume was launched in 2010 during the spring season. The wonderful fragrance of this perfume contains vanilla, gardenia, glazed apples. The perfume will leave a truly seductive impression and hence women of all age type like this fragrance from Nina Ricci.

Nina Ricci Les Belles De Liberty
The perfume was launched in 1996 and is considered one of the top 10 Nina Ricci perfumes of all times. The fragrance has a summer freshness feeling and consists of tomato leaves, blueberries, mint, and fresh oranges. The elements of the oranges make the perfume different from other perfumes of Nina Ricci brand.

Nina Ricci Premier Jour Eau De Parfum Spray

Premier Jour is the first day of the new year for, and it announces the restitution of the original codes of this brand. Thefragrance blends with every form of a woman, without any particular accentuation of itself. Its sensual scent is aimed at body rather than thoughts. Its optimistic mandarin and joyous, sweet pea in alliance with gardenia give an intimate nuance to sweet note of the composition. The other components like delicate orchid, vanilla, and woodsy-musky base notes blend in a lingering soft trace.

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