Sumptuous scents are even more critical in the summer months when smells can be intensified and more time is spent socialising with your friends outdoors. Wearing the right perfume can lift your mood and alert you, but knowing what fragrance to can be mind-boggling.


Everyone reacts uniquely to scents, so it was necessary our testers sampled a wide variety of different perfumes; from floral and fresh to fruity and woody. Here’s our pick of only the best summer perfumes that will transport you to the beach even if you do not have plans to get away.


Zarko Perfume Pink Molecule

This has such an advantage that out of all the perfumes tested it came out on top as having the best staying ability. It helps that the perfume is so mesmerising that it’s a delight the scent lingers – we found it remained as powerful from first thing in the morning until after work without requiring a top up.


This Scandinavian fragrance is fused with pink champagne which provides it with a sweet and pleasant fruity tone. It is excellent for summer – we love everything about it, and the fact you don’t want to reapply makes it great value for money too.


RODIN 3 Olio Lusso EDT

From the first spray, you can immediately tell this is an excellent unisex perfume. It has a sweet yet masculine tone at the same time. It is the only fragrance in our edit that our perfume testers described as having a beautiful aroma. Considering it is composed to be a perfume inspired by windy days, our tester saw it more like a heavy scent that lingered around rather than a light and breezier one.


Calvin Klein - 'CK One Summer' EDT

Not much introduction is required with this perfume as CK One made such a big name for itself with its unique unisex perfume that it has almost become a cult brand. Our tester found the coconut smell quite uplifting, this is an outstanding one for day wear, and its aroma lingered all day. At this cost, it is a better purchase.


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