Tips On How Women Can Choose The Best Perfume


As a woman, choosing a perfume is usually something that cannot be easily concluded on except if you are buying based on the fact that you have scented it from a friend or co-worker wearing same.

If you are considering buying a perfume that will be your personal scent everybody will know you with, there are lots of options to choose from ranging from luxury fragrances for women to women designers fragrances. Using the following tips can make things easier.


To streamline your options, consider how much you are willing to spend on a bottle of perfume. This will shortlist your options and then make it easier for you to choose one from your lists of designer women’s fragrance.

Pick a Fragrance Family

Decide the type of scent you would prefer such as citrus, floral or woody. Women’s designer fragrances may have more than one products qualifying for your budget. And most of the manufacturers of luxury fragrances for women usually retain a certain scent in all of their product lines.

Bottle Size

This may sound weird, but sometimes it comes in handy. The purpose of your purchase should also influence your choice of perfume. For instance, if you will like to move around like go to work or travel with your perfume, choosing a perfume with a smaller bottle will be okay.

Consider Your Skin Type

Although perfumes usually have no side effect on the skin, you may need to consider your skin type before choosing a perfume type. For instance, dry skin may make your perfume fragrance disappear faster ― you may need to consider the use of a highly concentrated perfume.