What is the smell of a woman? Or of a man? The truth is, there are no defining characteristic of a scent that is fully feminine or masculine. It’s all a result of gender ideas and years of compelling marketing. The idea that women should smell like delicate flowers and a man should smell creamy wood is outmoded and overruled by the rise of unisex fragrances. To save you the trouble of scouring department store shelves here some of the best unisex scents on the market.

You can check our collection of best unisex fragrances here

1. Tom Ford Black Orchid
It may be vended towards women, but Black Orchid is anything but feminine. It blends fresh bergamot with black truffle and vanilla to produce a sensual, opulent smell. It was launched in 2006. This seductive scent with lingering power has stood the test of time for both the sexes.


2. Calvin Klein Be Unisex
Introduced in 1996, Calvin Klein Be Unisex features notes of musk, mandarin, magnolia, sandalwood and peach. It is suggested for daytime use. CK BE Unisex perfume is a novel, refreshing and warm musk tonic for men as well as woman that simple says 'Be yourself, be free, be whoever you want to be!'


3. Valentino Uomo
Despite merely translating as 'man' in Italian, Uomo’s delicate, smoky harmonies are well suited to both men as well as women. With hints of bergamot, hazelnut and coffee, this is a smooth, leathery perfume which carries a subtle sweetness. The bottle, implicative of a whisky decanter, is one to showcase on the dressing table.


4. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01
If you adore the idea of having a bespoke scent, but don’t want to waste hundreds, then try Escentric Molecules Molecule 01. Molecule 01 carries no fragrant components other than the aroma-molecule, 'Iso E Super' It is traditionally a perfume base note. With detailed woody notes, it blends with your natural pheromones to produce a smell that’s unique on everyone.


5. Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo
This luxe perfume is one of top five unisex perfumes in a collection inspired by iconic pieces of Yves Saint Laurent apparel. A tuxedo seems to represent its namesake with a blend of traditionally bold as well as masculine notes with a soft feminine edge. Smoked patchouli and sharp black pepper and contrast with lily of the valley and fresh bergamot.