Have you ever been on a bus or a crowded place and then joined by a sweaty, obnoxious smelling stranger? In such situations, we are forced to hold our breath for a long span of time because they smell miserable!


The human body eliminates waste through the skin pores in the form of sweat. You sweat more in warmer climates. Sweat isn’t naturally stinky. In fact, it’s nearly odour-free. The stench comes from the bacteria which break it down on your skin.


Deodorant is applied to your body to block the body odour caused by the bacterial process of perspiration in the feet, armpits, and other regions of the body. Deodorants are usually alcohol-based with some antibacterial power to destroy bacteria and stop the smell. Deodorants may comprise of perfume fragrances or natural essential oils designed to mask the odour of sweat.


Solo Loewe Deodorant Spray for men

The humid weather even makes people sweat profusely at different times of the day. Antiperspirants are a subgroup of deodorants which affect odour as well as prevent the sweating by affecting the sweat glands. For underarms, we usually apply the antiperspirants, while deodorants can also be used on feet and the other parts in the form of body sprays. Antiperspirants don’t stop the sweating process; they try to prevent or significantly decrease perspiration and thus reduce the moisture in which bacteria grow.


Using antiperspirants helps decrease the sweating, sweat patches on clothes and the odour which comes with collected sweat after a period. One must use deodorant regularly to ensure their smelling fresh and pleasant.


Solo Loewe Deodorant Spray is a natural and gentle deodorant spray. Loewe Solo is a unique scent made for men with a rhythm of contrasts elegance and strength, freshness and warmth.


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