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Bulgari, an Italian brand inspired by the rich Roman history, honours its culture and heritage through modern design and products ranging from jewellery, fragrances, accessories to watches. Harmonised with Rome’s ancient history, Bulgari incorporates the city’s symbolism while innovating its design for the future. In 2014 Bulgari finished 130 years of excellence in luxury. From its origin at the Via dei Condotti flagship store to a diversified global presence today, Bulgari has managed to create a name for itself like no other luxury brand. Initially known for its magnificent jewellery, the brand has expanded its collection to include watches, accessories, handbags, hotels and fragrances. The first fragrance launched by the brand was Eau Parfumee au the Vert in the year 1992. Since then, Bvlgari has launched more than 80 fragrances.